Grab your yoga mat and your bestie and get ready for some goat yoga this summer in Caledonia. 

Summer like just started. I mean, depending on when you think summer starts, you could argue summer isn't even here yet but this summer is bound to be the best in years, especially because of Alt Goat Yoga: Goat Power!

Let me start at the beginning.

So there's this awesome human, her name is Marissa and she's a yoga instructor.

Sure, she can (and did/does) teach traditional yoga classes, and that's great for people who are looking to take traditional yoga classes.

But as someone who's taken a handful of 'normal' yoga classes, alt yoga is just a bit more my style.

Alt Yoga
Alt Yoga

Marissa is the founder of Alt Yoga and for years she's been loading up fun Rockford area ladies (and men) and hosting yoga classes where you drink and swear and scream and sweat but this summer she's taking it to another level, goats.

In just a few weeks, Saturday June 25, Marissa and the Alt Yoga fam are taking over Kurth Farms with Yoga Goat.

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For goat lovers who are eight years old or older, this is the perfect day to spend some time with goats while getting your workout in.

Marissa suggests wearing a t-shirt instead of a tank top and skipping jewelry and hats because you know... goats like to chew stuff.

You can register on their Facebook Event page for $30.

She also offers a ton of different classes outside out and about in the Rockford area and free classes led by student teachers in Machesney Park.

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