Well if at first you don't succeed...smash yourself in the head with a bowling ball! Wait, that's not how it goes, right?

A Decatur, IL woman by the name of Jamie L. Gordon, spent some time behind bars after she attempted to rob the bowling alley that she works at.


Jamie's attempted robbery was a total gutter ball. She works there, she knows the ins and outs of the joint, should be able to pick up THAT spare easily...but no.

Jamie tried to grab cash from the cash register...Seriously folks, what's in there like $300? Maybe? Bingo...or I mean, STRIKE! It was exactly $349. Her attempt was a giant fail so she needed a "Plan B."  I know let's try to stage it like SHE got robbed...Get ready for this.

motion blur of bowling ball skittles on the playing field

In a moment of panic, Jamie knew she was gonna get busted for stealing from the cash register. She grabbed a bowling ball and...HIT HERSELF IN THE HEAD, TWICE.

Not only is that incredibly dumb, but the entire thing was caught on security camera!

Masked thief or robber is recorded with security hidden camera.
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The attempted robbery, the smashing your own head, ALL on tape. Jamie said when arrested, yep that was me and yep I'm not smart.

Jamie said she LOST her paycheck in the bowling alley slot machines. Every cent of her paycheck went into machines and she was dead broke. So she robbed the cash register and cracked her melon with a bowling ball to pretend SHE was robbed.

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Macon County Jail was her new home as her bond was set at $7500.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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