Spooky season is in high force especially in a photo captured this weekend at the haunted, abandoned prison in Joliet.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realize how amazing it is that I get to work in the entertainment world. Yes I love reporting on Bennifer 2.0, but I also get to go to some really cool places in Illinois and Wisconsin that I might otherwise miss if I didn't have such amazing jobs.

We're channeling our spooky energy at Good Day Stateline this month, for obvious reasons and that included a recent trip to Joliet, Illinois where we took a tour of the abandoned prison that a lot of visitors seem to think is haunted.

From the paint peeling off the walls in the jail cells, to the 'tombs' where prisoners were sent to solidary confinement, it's a pretty remarkable place to spend an afternoon.

You can also visit for their night tours but you won't catch me doing that because I am afraid of pretty much everything.

Which is why this photo struck me so quickly.

I'm not even sure why I stopped to capture this specific photo but the minute I looked at it, I realized there was a blue circle in the photo that was NOT actually in the sky.

Even zooming in you're like wait what is that? It almost made me wonder if the moon would show up in that spot later.

What do you think the 'orb' was?

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