Raise your hand if you know someone why has been hit by this recent flu bug. 

Alright, you can all put it down now. If it seems like more people than ever are getting hit by this flu it's because it is. Illinois has been ranked #1 as the hardest hit by this flu strain.

The numbers were compiled by Kinsa. Which is basically a smart thermometer that tracks your health.

According to the company, 4.8% of the state is experiencing flu-like symptoms. The national average is at 4.1%.

We've seen it here at the radio station. My partner Riley O'Neil has it pretty bad right now. He said the doctor's office was busier than he's ever seen it.

Entire schools are being affected. The Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora has completely shut down because of the flu.

The moral of the story. Get your flu shot. Wash your hands. Don't touch anything you don't have to. Stay safe out there.

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