Shout out to Rachel who is not only growing her inspirational business, but doing it on LIVE TV.

I love when I scroll through Facebook and land on something awesome like this.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I spent plenty of mornings watching WGN Morning News and the 'Around Town,' segment was always my favorite.

Fast forward 25 years and it's clear why I loved the segment featuring unique local businesses and the hosts, now Ana Belaval, having fun throughout the morning showing off what these places have to offer.

I mean I like to think I do something similar on Good Day Stateline, which is how I met Rachel, the owner of Secondhand Curves.

Rachel was a part of our FRIENDS themed show in the fall of 2020 and since then, she's expanded her Rockford business with a new, really amazing location in Bloomingdale.

This morning I saw the two worlds collide, as Rachel shared that she was being featured on Around Town.

Secondhand Curves is a Plus Size Resale Boutique and don't worry she does still have the Rockford location!

The two locations are:

5643 E. State St., Suite #2 , Rockford and 348 W. Army Trail Rd Suite 150 Bloomingdale.

You can find plus size clothing of all varieties, from bathing suits to dresses and Rachel also has a great selection of accessories and shoes.

One of the coolest things about the store is that she's ALWAYS getting more styles in, keeping up with her on social media is a must!

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