It's amazing sometimes how much can happen in just a few hours.

We say a lot of negative things about January... it's boring, it's too cold, it lasts forever, but here in Rockford there's one thing that happens at the end of each January that boosts morale and let's face it, helps to boost a lot of local lives too, and that's the Rockford Rescue Mission annual telethon.

The telethon is broadcast on WTVO each January with the hopes of raising more money that the last and this year did so by almost $20,000.

In two hours the community came together to raise this money with the help of Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Candice King and Eyewitness News Anchor Eric Wilson.

While the money was technically raised in a matter of two hours, there was a ton of prep work put in place to prep each year including setting up the phone lines.

If you missed the chance to donate last night, there are still a ton of ways you can support the Rockford Rescue Mission. You can donate online and you can also visit their two storefronts that support the mission as well, Thrift Store and Nettie's Mercantile.

If you don't know much about the Rockford Rescue Mission, their website says they, 'share hope and help in Jesus' name to move people from homelessness and despair toward personal and spiritual wholeness.'

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