How long can you go without shopping for new clothes? I'm hoping I can go almost a year, we're about to find out.

Hi, hello, nice to meet you. Maybe we've met before. My name is Michelle Rose Abraham, and I'm a shopaholic.

Honestly I'm not sure why I'm such a shopper. It's not just about buying the stuff, it's about getting a good sale and probably some form of instant gratification.

When 2020 hit and world fell apart one of the first things I did was shop. So clearly it's an anxiety thing too, I justified all the shopping by saying to myself, well, I'm on TV every day so it's fine, I can still buy clothes.

That little decision turned into probably over 100 new outfits in a year and a half. I have like forty different skirts and at least the same amount of dresses.

Don't even get me started on shoes.

So I'm quitting.

But I'm quitting for what I think is an awesome reason, I'm saving money to illustrate and publish one (or two) of the children's books I wrote in college.

So here's the deal. Starting tomorrow, December 1, 2021, I'm not shopping for any clothes for myself until Black Friday 2022, November 25.

I'm giving myself a few stipulations... while I can't just have anyone buy me a 'gift,' for no reason. For Christmas or my birthday I can accept clothing gifts, and while I'm not exactly sure what a clothing emergency is, if one came about I can buy something.Oh and if I need a Halloween costume, and I am allowed to participate in my gym's Hell Week next year and earn a tank top.

My 2022 New Year's Resolution is to get my books published, so I'm getting a head start now because let's face it, if I plan to stop shopping in January, I will be 400 things before then.

I currently have at least 15 things being shipped to me.

So wish me luck because this next month or so will be hard! But I am so excited for you to read 'Lunchtime Smorgasbord' and 'Maddles,' once they are real books!

Also maybe I need a new pose when I'm holding stuff...

Last thing. I had to mention this here, on the air and on Good Day Stateline because if I tell people I'm doing something, I will do it! Thanks for your support!

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