Once upon a time, balloons were something you bought for children's birthday parties, but that's not the case anymore, here in Rockford that's because of BW Event & Décor. 

Back in the day, you bought those balloons and hoped they would last from the time you picked them up until the party was over, those days are gone and three ladies in the Stateline are helping our city shine a little brighter, filled with balloons.

Have you been to downtown Rockford at all this summer? This fall? This month?

If so, you know that 2021 has been the year of the balloons.

Everywhere you look downtown, there are beautiful perfectly positioned balloons.

I bet you didn't know one trio of sisters was behind all of it, BW Event & Décor.

The sisters, Adrianna, Andrea and Aimee created this company during the early stages of the pandemic realizing the trend was so popular across the country, we should have something like it right here in Rockford.

Fast forward a little over a year and they've done it.

Their work graces dozens of downtown businesses and they're expanding to California this year, too!

How cool is that?

I'm pretty lucky because they came in to decorate the Good Day Stateline studio for Christmas and our 200th episode (airing tonight, December 3) so you can catch them in action constructing the balloon structures.

By the way, they also have grazing tables.

Yes, tables PACKED with everything you've ever wanted to snack on.

I'm telling you, hitting them up to handle your next event will probably take it to the next level.

Plus they're really fun and funny and  you can't beat that - congrats ladies!

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