Illinois is celebrating its bicentennial celebration by giving 100 high school and college students a pair of tickets to see the musical Hamilton. 

WGN - All you have to do is submit a 45-60 second self0made video highliting a fact, event, place, person or something to learn about the history if Illinois. One hundred winners will have their video aired and posted as part of the 100 Day Bicentennial Countdown. Each winner will receive two tickets to the Chicago matinee performance of "hamilton" on Sunday, December 3, 2017 - the official start of the Bicentennial Celebration.

This one should be a slam dunk for some creative types in the area. Just a quick video highlighting the Rockford Peaches would pretty much guarantee someone two tickets to see the hottest musical of the decade. That's a free one. There's plenty more around town to focus on.

If you do win and are looking for someone to go to the show with, I'd just like to mention that I'm very familiar with downtown Chicago and am a delight to travel with. Let me know if you need someone to take that other ticket!!

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