Pretty shocking video out of Peoria today. 

I'll be honest that was not a title I was expecting to write when I woke up this morning.

The news is scarce on this incident. This excerpt is from a news outlet downstate:

CentralIllinoisProud - According to Peoria Public Schools, a small group of students began fighting in the school, when one student displayed a knife.

Those directly involved in the initial fight are facing arrest and school discipline. No injuries were reported.

No injuries reported? I'm pretty sure that falling on your head from 8 feet in the air will cause at least a mild concussion.

Tough to tell what exactly happened from the above video but it looks like the police handled this in the appropriate way.

Lesson to be learned in all of this? If you don't want to be tazed in front of your friends at school stay off all lunch tables and don't wave a weapon around. Day one stuff if you ask me but this young woman seemed to have missed the memo.

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