Springtime in Illinois can be amazing and brutal. While it brings so many great things, these are some of the most annoying signs of spring that happen in our state.

Spring is our initial sign that the summertime fun is coming! I love the beautiful animals that make their way back, but some things about springtime just bug the living heck out of me. These are just 3 big ones I've experienced recently.

3 of the Most Annoying Signs of Spring in Illinois

I'll start with the biggest one since I'm sure many of you are suffering from this right now too!

1- Pollen/Allergies

This one just may be the worst of them all, the keyword is MAY depending on your pollen tolerance. If you're like me, you need some allergy relief or ibuprofen to fight allergy headaches. Love springtime, but the headaches and itchy eyes absolutely SUCK!

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2- Inconsiderate Pet Owners

This is a TOTAL pet peeve of mine that absolutely disgusts me. I go on walks fairly often around Rockford and constantly see rude pet owners not respecting the public space. Please, for the love of all that's good in the world... CLEAN UP!

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3 -Wild Weather

Stormy weather is one of the worst parts of spring for multiple reasons. Personally, I love a good thunderstorm, especially when I get to curl up and read a good book during it, but hate hail! It's scary to think about the amount of damage that can happen because of a serious storm.

These are just a few of the others that I've probably forgotten. But don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to see springtime in the Stateline! Here's some more spring content for you!

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