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I had a pretty sweet mullet when I was in school, and I was pretty damn proud of it. Like everything else, I became bored with it and eventually moved on.

"Hair Discrimination" is a think in 2021, and the Illinois senate is working of a project to prevent that. WREX

Illinois State Senator Mike Simmons is saying that a schools dress code, or their uniform policies should not include the way that a student chooses to wear their hair. The specifics of the bill he is trying to pass, focuses on dreadlocks. twists and braided hair styles.

“ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) has committed to doing a compliance probe every year to ensure that the schools are in compliance, so, I think that will be a pretty reasonable way to ensure enforcement and it’s pretty consistent with the other enforcements that they currently use.” “No student should be forced to compromise their identity, nor should we continue to allow young people to be traumatized like this in 2021,” - Mike Simmons

This would be for both public AND private schools in the state of Illinois.  The Senate Education Committee passed the proposal 9-4 so this now moves to the senate.

Mike Simmons is looking to join seven other states, that protect people's rights regarding the hairstyle they choose in schools and and in the workplace.

This proposal should have an answer and final vote in the state of Illinois by the end of May.

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