Forget going to your friend's mom's house for a party this summer, instead head to The Norwegian Artist Lofts in Rockford.

There are so many cool businesses here in Rockford and without events like this I would never know about them.

I've been to The Norwegian a few times so of course I follow them on social media, I had no idea that there were lofts above the restaurant.

I guess I was so busy eating, I didn't look up...

But there are some neighbors up there and this June there will be a bunch of people up in those lofts for The Norwegian Artists Lofts Open House Party.

The party starts at 5pm on Friday, June 10 and you'll be able to stop by the three businesses that occupy the lofts upstairs, Three Ravens Studio, Moon Lab and Calm Yoga.

I'm sure, like, me you want to know more about these places.

Three Ravens Studio is a pottery studio with art created by Tom Harrison.

Moon Lab, is a hair salon 




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and Calm Yoga is (no surprise here) a yoga studio, but there's a pretty amazing twist and reason as to why the classes are limited to just ten attendees.

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According to the event Facebook page, there will be a TON of special guests at the house party including, Mark Meyer Tattoo, Keelan McMorrow, White Light Mercantile, Knotty McKnots, Inscape Collective, Mahnoor Henna Design, Art by Molly Carter, Mrs. Buckbee's Wake & Bakery, Winnie Nutter and Mixology by Kwesi Talavera.


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