It's always better to plan a trip to Chicago when you don't have to pay admission, especially when you can learn something, too!

One of my biggest concerns with everything reopening again is my bank account slowly dwindling lower and lower and lower.

Let's face it, a silver lining of a worldwide pandemic is saving money. I saved a ton of money last year, I managed to pay off my car one day because I was bored and realized I had enough money saved from not socializing to just finish up that loan.

But now... I'm socializing again.

I'm socializing so much I don't even want to check my bank account. So I'll save that for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also National Museum Day, so maybe you want to take some time and plan a trip to a Chicago museum for one of their free days!

There are a few different websites you can visit to check out the collection of free days but you can also go to each museums individually and figure it all out.

Some museums have random free days and others are a little easier to remember, but here are a few of my faves.

The Museum of Science and Industry is free to Illinois residents on June 9 and June 19, also July 14 and August 11.

The Chicago History Museum is free at all times for Illinois residents 18 and younger as well as all kids 12 and under.

The Art Institute of Chicago is free to all Illinois residents 14 and under at all times.

What's your favorite museum?

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