There's a lot of fake outrage on the internet but this time it seems authentic. 

Business Insider released this map of every state's favorite candy. All the usual suspects are there. Wisconsin loves 3 Muskateers. Minnesota is into Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which is the right answer.) Michigan and Indiana are into 100 Grand. 100 Grand might be the most underrated candy bar out there but I'm not sure if they're even still in the stores.

Then you look at Illinois. I'm from Illinois you might say. I think I know what we like around here. I'd guess Kit Kats. Maybe we're boring and are into Snickers. I can get down with either of them. But no, apparently the Land of Lincoln is into Almond Joy. What? I've never seen anyone eat an Almond Joy in the wild. I assume any in the candy aisle is left over from the Clinton administration.

But don't fret Illinoisians, we're not the strangest picks out there. A quick list of worse candy picks:

  • Iowa - Nerds - We don't make fun of Iowa enough around here.
  • Georgia - Pixie Sticks - This is the most basic foodstuffs that can still be called candy
  • Tennessee - Candy Corn - Kick them out of the union. Can't trust these people.

Quick shout out to Montana for picking Hot Tamales. Possibly the last state I'd pick if you told me to guess which one loves spicy candy. Just goes to show you how boring it must be out there. You have to try to melt your face off just for a little excitement. You do you, Montana.

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