As you may have heard, 6 million of us here in Illinois (give or take a few people) have been earmarked to receive income and property tax rebates from the state of Illinois over the next month or so.

Like anyone who might find themselves on the receiving end of some money being handed out, you probably want to know a couple of things. Mainly, are you one of the eligible 6 million people, and if so, how much money should you plan on getting from the state of Illinois?

Let's find out.

Really big money, or really small house? (Getty Images)
Really big money, or really small house? (Getty Images)

Under The "Family Relief Plan" Here In Illinois, One-Time Individual Income Tax And Property Tax Rebates Are Going To Those Who Meet The State's Criteria

The state started the money distribution around the 12th of this month, but according to the Governor's office, it might take as long as 8 weeks before all the funds are dispersed to those who qualify.

There will be two rebates in total, although not everyone will qualify for both rebates.

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I would have thought there was more money than that in this state. (Getty Images)

Let's Just Get To Who Gets The Rebates, And How Much They'll Get

According to the State of Illinois' website, these are some of the details:

  • How much is the Individual Income tax rebate: If filing as a single person, your rebate amount is $50. If filing as a couple (married filing jointly), your rebate amount is $100 ($50 per person). If you have dependents, you will receive a rebate amount of up to $300 ($100 per dependent, with a maximum of three).
  • You qualify for this rebate if you were an Illinois resident in 2021 and your adjusted gross income on your 2021 Form IL-1040 is under $400,000 (if filing jointly) or under $200,000 (if filing as a single person).
  • How much is the Property Tax rebate: Your rebate amount is equal to the property tax credit you were qualified to claim on your 2021 IL-1040 (up to a maximum of $300).
  • You qualify if you are an Illinois resident, and you paid Illinois property taxes in 2021 on your primary residence in 2020; and your adjusted gross income on your 2021 Form IL-1040 is $500,000 or less (if filing jointly) or $250,000 or less (if filing as a single person).

How do you check to see what the status of your rebate(s) is: For additional information or to check on the status of a rebate, visit If you'd rather check via phone, call 1-800 732-8866 or 217-782-3336.

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