You can't fish, swim or kayak anywhere you like in Illinois, but that might soon change.

Where Can't You Fish, Swim Or Kayak In Illinois?

According to Illinois Newsroom, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last year that the public does not have the right to boat, fish or swim in small rivers that flow across private property.

The Illinois Newsroom report states the ruling came following a dispute between two landowners with property along who were battling over who could go into the river without being on the other person's land. explained the ruling as riverfront property owners not being able to kayak past their neighbors' property.

Yeah, that's kind of a boring kayak trip depending on how much property you own along the river.

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It's a complicated situation, but it may soon get easier for those looking to access streams, rivers and lakes that they do not own.

Illinois May Soon Have More Places Recreational Activities On The Water

A bill is currently in front of the Illinois General Assembly that would amend the Rivers. Lakes and Streams Act to provide public access to private waterways.

The bill "provides that any segment of a lake, river or stream that is capable of supporting use by commercial or recreational watercraft for a substantial part of the year, or that it is actually so used, shall be deemed navigable, and shall be open to public access and use."

If the bill passes later this year, Illinois residents are one step closer to having more spots to fish, boat, kayak and swim throughout the state.

Until then, you should probably keep that kayak on public waterways.

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