Package theft, in the form of swiping stuff from front porches is big business, and it's getting bigger every year as more and more of us are doing our shopping online. A study shows that two days of the week in particular are the most active for "porch pirates," especially now that we're in the holiday season.

Which days? Well, here's a hint or two:

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What's More, This Isn't Just About The Thieves Who Swipe Packages Stuff During The Holidays--It Goes On All Year, Too

Unfortunately, we're not theft-free during non-holiday months. Consider some of these numbers (courtesy of

  • Roughly 14% of Americans say they’ve been victims of package theft in the last 12 months
  • This equates to about 35.5 million Americans and an average value of $156.82 being reported stolen
  • Americans lost about $5.4 billion from package theft over the past 12 months courtesy of porch pirates.
  • Of the 14% who have had packages stolen, about 39% said they only had one package stolen, roughly 36% said that they had at least two packages taken
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So Which Two Days Are The Worst Days For Porch Piracy?

The survey by smart home company Vivint polled over 1,000 people about their previous experiences with package thievery and online shopping. The poll asked a bunch of questions, including which items are stolen most often, the most common days for package theft, the most common times for package theft, and which carrier has their stuff stolen the most.

It turns out that Monday and Tuesday are the days when porch pirates are most actively swiping things off of front porches, followed by Wednesday, Sunday, Friday, Thursday, and then Saturday. Afternoons, followed by evenings, and mornings were the most likely times that a porch pirate would pay a visit.

Lastly, of the carriers who bring things to your house, deliveries from Amazon Prime are the most likely to be pilfered, with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL following behind. (Click here to read more specifics from the Vivint poll)

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