Believe it or not, there's a show that people in Illinois watch more here than in any other state.

The new study from Cable TV shows used data culled from the top 200 most popular TV shows on IMDb, and Google Trends to come up with the list.

While some shows are popular due to the setting like Silicon Valley in California or Scandal in Washington D.C., the choice for Illinois' favorite TV show is weird.

Especially when you consider Chicago Fire, PD and Med are all set and filmed in the city you'd think one of those would be the most popular in the state.

Nope, the most popular show in the state of Illinois is New Girl. A show set and filmed in L.A. is the most popular show in the state?

Cable TV

That's especially disappointing considering, IMDb recently mentioned Shameless as the most popular show set in Illinois.

What is your favorite TV show? Let us know.

[H/T Thrillist]