When you bring your freshly cut Christmas tree in your house this season, please don't bring this insect to Illinois.

It's time to get informed about Illinois 'most unwanted' insect. It's called a 'lanternfly' and it is on the top of the list of the most unwanted insects in our state.

Who knew there was even a list like this?

There is, and the problem is these insects can hatch on a Christmas tree.

According to New Jersey 101.5, latnernflies often lay eggs on Christmas trees while the trees are growing and then when you bring them into your house and they warm up those eggs can hatch. And when they hatch... THEY HATCH — one egg mass will probably contain more than 30 eggs!

The good news is, there are currently no reports of lanternflies in Illinois.

However, according to the Journal Standard, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois are the states with the ideal environment for the lanternflies to thrive.

Here's a solution... buy a fake tree. I know for some people there's something special about having a real tree, but fake trees don't harbor secret egg sacks.

This one is my favorite, because it's adorable, but Amazon has tons of different options to get a new artificial tree delivered to your door, like tomorrow.


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