This mansion was originally listed at $50 million. Will knocking 5 million off that price make it a must-have for some really rich person?

Here's the official description from

Unprecedented urban estate. 25,000 square foot masterpiece on Lincoln Park's finest street. Sited on an enormous 177'x149' parcel totaling more than eight city lots, every step has been taken to provide complete privacy and tranquility. Manicured grounds with multiple fountains, reflecting pool, and hand forged antique garden pavilion transport you to another world. Absolutely no expense was spared inside or out throughout this sun-filled mansion. Grand in every way, but not overwhelming, the design is perfect for large scale entertaining as well as intimate everyday living. This home is nothing short of magnificent at every turn--truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that could never be replicated.

That sounds nice but the proof will be in the pictures. Let's take a tour.


This property is located on the south side of Lincoln Park. Surely a nice area. Walking distance to the zoo and Lake Michigan. Not exactly the Gold Coast but don't worry, you probably won't run into too many poor people out there. Upper middle class? Maybe, but you can handle those people.

This is the front of the house. The first word that comes to my mind is underwhelming. The front is just kind of boring and I literally think that my front yard now is bigger than this one. This is also a professional shot. Let's take a peek at how it looks from GoogleMaps.


Ugh. Nothing quite takes the shine off your $45 million mansion like someone's Town & Country minivan parked RIGHT outside the gate. You might have some political clout if you're thinking about buying this house, so maybe you grease a few palms and get a no parking sign right out front. It's Chicago, anything is possible.

So the front yard kind of sucks. Does the backyard make up for it?

House 12

That's a resounding yes. Is this the north side of Chicago or Paris, France? Not sure. Let's investigate.

House 2

Firepits are for poor people. Outdoor fire PLACES are where it's at. You'd think the furniture would be a little closer to the heat source but I'm no designer, maybe this is the optimal feng shui.

House 3

The listing doesn't explicitly say if you should swim in this or not. All I know is that you definitely CAN put an inflatable tube in there and float around. Basically your own private lazy river. BIG PLUS in my book.

House 5

I'm obviously too poor to even understand what this is. Human birdcage? Maybe. Can you buy this somewhere or was this custom built? Does ivy grow around the bars? Is there some sort of temporary roof to throw on that thing? Please leave any information you have on this in the comments.

House 6

If I'm buying this house one of the first questions I'm asking myself is, "Can I throw a great party in the backyard?" This house passes with flying colors.

Let's take a look under the hood of this baby.

House 7

Full disclosure here. There aren't that many interior pictures of this place. Probably top secret stuff that only super rich people are supposed to know about. Someone is probably already in trouble for letting us know about the human birdcage in the backyard.

Anyway. This is the banister in the main foyer. Wrought iron is nice. Gold plated wrought iron is obviously better. It's the little things.

House 9

This is nicer than any room I've ever been in and it's basically a hallway. I am fascinated by that pattern on the floor though.


House 10

Gorgeous. Obviously patterned after the natural beauty of the Fibonacci sequence. It's called the GOLDEN ratio for a reason. Missed that day of math class? Don't fret. Here's a quick video summing it all up.

Sorry, didn't mean to make you learn something here. Moving on...

House 8

$45 Million and they couldn't even hang a little bit of art for you? Hope you budgeted for that. Stunning woodwork in there, hope your servants know how to Pledge.

This is the only picture they had that had a bar. Pretty meh if you ask me. Unless this is the servant's bar, I expected more out of this place bar-wise.

That's the tour. Now you don't have to have the $45 mil up front. There is some financing available. For a $9 million downpayment, you can get a 30 year fixed rate mortgage that will only run you about $275K a month. When it's put that way, how can you resist?

There is one more downside to this place. Let's take a look at the surrounding properties.


If you're paying this much for a house do you really want neighbors that can't afford an 8-figure residence? Didn't think so.

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