Being a mom is hard; being a single mom is even harder. Imagine having to juggle fifty million responsibilities from making sure your kids are clothed and fed to ensuring that they have food on the table each night; all by yourself. Those tasks are even difficult for a two parent family, but, sometimes we get busy and other things become more important;  it's so easy for daily responsibilities to fall by the wayside. It's all about prioritizing.

In one Illinois woman's case, it was mowing the lawn. According to KMOV, Ebony Conner was arrested for failing to cut her grass.
Do you think not mowing your grass should warrant an arrest? As someone who has neighbors who neglect to take care of their lawn, I know how frustrating it can be to have to look at such a mess, but wouldn't it be nice if someone offered to help this woman instead of file a complaint?

And I agree with her as far as taking the proper channels. When I lived in Iowa, you would get a warning ticket, giving you X amount of days to cut your grass; if it wasn't cut, then you would get fined. I've never heard of anyone being arrested for it though.