A mom in St. Charles is pretty upset after finding her son's "bathroom passport" limiting his ability to use the bathroom while at school.

There are a lot of great parts about leaving your schooldays behind and one of those is not having to ask to go to the bathroom.

As a girl who drinks a bunch of water and always has to pee, I really disliked any classes that had bathroom policies when I was in school. I understood the reason behind them, not having students miss too much time out of class, or making sure kids weren't roaming the halls for too long. But sometimes you just have to pee.

Melissa Omalley Walker probably feels the same, since she is very upset about the "bathroom passport" her son received during his first week of school at Wredling Middle School in St. Charles.

The pass limits the students to using the bathroom three times a quarter, which is nine weeks long, according to NBC Chicago.

She says many of her son's teachers handed out similar passes that need to be signed by the teacher each time you leave the classroom, and that if a student loses the pass, they also lose their bathroom privileges.

NBC Chicago reports that this is not a district or school policy, it's up to the teachers if the kids can leave the classroom.

Do your kids have a bathroom policy like this? Is it necessary?