May the Fourth Be With You! You'll be floored when you see what's inside one Rockford family's basement. 

UPDATE: Here's the full video! What an amazing basement!

Full disclosure, I've seen about twenty three minutes total of any Star Wars movies and I don't even know which ones I've seen.

Sorry, we were more of an Indian Jones family... but meeting Fidencio and his family was the first time I actually felt like I wanted to sit down, preferably in his basement and catch up on the many many many movies and specials I've missed.

Once upon a time, Fidencio's wife, Carrie, sent me an email saying that her husband had a huge Star Wars collection in his basement. I think this was last September.

I was like, ok cool, let's set up a visit for the spring and air the segment on Good Day Stateline on May 4.

And sometimes long term plans like that come to reality!

Tonight on Good Day Stateline, not only are we taking you inside their incredible basement, but we'll also share Fidencio's story, which is pretty unique.

That's just a little tease of the thousands of collectable inside one regular looking house here in Rockford.

Maybe before next Star Wars I'll watch a movie or two. How many Star Wars movies have you seen?

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