Peoria, IL police were called to a man's renovated garage as he was robbed at gun point while watching college football. SG


Imagine this, you're in your recliner watching football....drink, snacks, and all of a sudden there's a gun to your head. That's what happened to this Peoria man. The garage door was open as he watching football, when an uninvited guest arrived with gun in hand. The robber asked for cash but the man had none. So instead the bad guy took his cell phone and split.

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The victim said that there was apparently a second person that was hiding in the driveway waiting for the crime to go down.

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What did the robber think? The dude watching football in his garage was gonna have a roll of one hundred dollar bills on him? Dude was watching football in his garage wearing his Zubaz and drinking beer...there's no cash to be found there!


Cops brought in a dog to try and get a scent to go find this football "man cave" criminal, but had no luck. Only empty cans of Busch Light and a half eaten bag of Cool Ranch Doritos was found at the scene of the crime.

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Luckily no one was hurt, and I'm sure this criminal will pop up again and eventually get busted.

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