Two McDonald's in Lake and Cook county are kind of ripping their customers off and James Gertie isn't going to take it anymore. 

James W. Gertie of Des Plaines is seeking class-action status for a consumer fraud and deceptive practices lawsuit he's filed against McDonald's in Cook County circuit court.

What's the basis of Mr. Gertie's claim? The fact that a two cheeseburger value meal at those locations cost more than ordering the items a la carte. How much more? By Gertie's account as much as 41 cents.

Gertie told the Daily Herald that the lawsuit was "not about the 41 cents. It's because of the whole principle. A value meal is supposed to be a cheaper price. That's the whole point of a 'value' meal."

I agree with Mr. Gertie and something should be done about it. Would I go through the whole process of filing a lawsuit? No. I am way to lazy to go through with that and I would never have noticed because I don't think I've ordered anything other than a quarter pounder (or McRib when available) at McDonald's in over a decade.

So good luck to James Gertie. I hope you and your vigilance pays off for you in the end.