It's hard to imagine what today is going to be like for the victims and families of the Orland shooting at Pulse Nightclub. Over the weekend law enforcement officials in Orlando announced that they would release limited transcripts today from three phone calls between the gunman, Omar Mateen, and police. The content, regardless of how limited it may be, is sure to be upsetting and many affected will be forced to relive that horrible evening all over again.

For many of us, our morbid curiosity will get the best of us and we'll listen to those calls, probably over and over, questioning how something like this could've happened to 49 amazing people who's lives were changed in a matter of seconds. Without those calls, we'll never really get a good understanding of what happened that day.

But what if you don't want to know? If the thought of hearing those calls is just too much for you to bear, then I encourage you to keep focusing on the heroic stories that continue to pour out of Orlando each day, these are the stories that deserve to be shared; these are the names that we should be mentioning as we continue to talk to our co-workers, loved ones and kids about this senseless tragedy.

Like Greg Zanis. Zanis traveled 1,200 miles from his home in Illinois to deliver 49 handmade wooden crosses to the Orlando Health Medical Center, where victims of the shooting are still being treated.

Since he's put the crosses on display, the signs have been filled with signatures, photos, flowers and balloons. It's a beautiful memorial but wouldn't it be nice if he didn't have to make these?