We've all had food disappear from our favorite restaurants, but how much would you pay to eat it one more time?

For one Illinois man that figure is 300 dollars.

This comes from the subreddit /r/Chicago, user BigBen2010 writes:

So here's the thing. For over a decade every Portillo's had a lemon cake. Then only a few Portillo's had it. Then it disappeared completely about 5ish years ago. At first employees kept saying that it would be back soon, then they went on to say it would be a seasonal item, and finally it was gone forever. The final excuse they settled on was they  (sic) was an issue with the chemical stability of the lemon frosting

..... So on to the money. I want to eat another Portillo's lemon cake. If you can find me the exact recipe, with instructions, or find me a place that makes an exact copy I will pay you $300. If you can find out what actually happened to the lemon cake in the first place I will throw in another $30.

If there's one thing this guy makes clear it's that he freaking loved this cake. I've been disappointed in a place getting rid of my favorite food before, but never $300 mad.

Case in point. McDonald's used to have a hot mustard dipping sauce. It was honestly the best condiment I've ever had. I would go to McDonald's just to get that sauce. Then one day it was gone. Poof!! No real reason given. It just wasn't there. I'm not willing to pay $300 for that, maybe 50 bucks, but nothing over triple digits.

Another aspect of this to discuss is that I've never heard of this cake. I've been going to Portillo's for about 2 decades now and have no recollection of it. I'm not calling this guy a liar but he might be confused.

So do you know anything about this cake? If so there might be some cash in it for you. While you're looking for that see if you have any old hot mustard packets lying around, I'd love to take them off your hands.

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