If you ever dreamed of running a comic book store this could be your chance. 

I've looked through this trying to find a loophole or a catch and there doesn't seem to be any.

The store in question is Chimeras Comics in Oak Lawn Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. It is one of two comic book stores that the owner operates.

Since 2013, Chimera’s Comics has brought its signature service, selection, and style to Oak Lawn. I recently faced the hard fact that I can no longer give it the attention it deserves, because I’m spread thin between my duties as an attorney, Chimera’s Comics La Grange location, and the new publishing branch of Chimera’s Comics.

There has been a comic book store in Oak Lawn since I was a baby. It’s where I grew up. But the store needs someone there who will love it and take care of it the way I can’t anymore.

I want someone who will love it, someone with passion and ideas and ambition to make this store amazing. Is that you?

It seems as though the owner just can't keep up with running two stores and wants to cut his workload in half.

This isn't a raffle or any kind of lottery. You just submit your name and why you want to run a comic book store. If he likes your entry the most then you all of a sudden become a comic book store owner.

You can submit your entry here beginning February 1. Entries will be accepted for the whole month of February.

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