It's been three years since Illinois has had a budget. If that weren't bad enough, wait until you see how much this 10-day session is costing the already broken state.

Illinois State Capitol
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Illinois' issues continue to worsen as "both sides" continue argue the importance of coming up with a fair and balanced budget while failing to come up with one. Each side wants results but, here we are, three years have gone by without plan. It's frustrating, right? Well, when you see what this special 10-day session could cost it might make you even more fed up.

These "get your butt's here and let's get this done" sessions are costing almost $50,000 a day. According to WIFR, the total cost adds up to $48,000/day.

The Secretary of the Senate's office provided a snapshot, accounting for $111 daily per diem and 39 cents per mile for 177 members of the General Assembly. The total also includes paying staff needed when lawmakers are at the Capitol.

I'm not a mathematician but that's almost half a million dollars. Also, there's no guarantee this 10 day deal will result in a budget for Illinois. Although some lawmakers claim to be passing on getting paid, WIFR reports there isn't proof yet.

Legislative officials couldn't immediately say how many were following suit, saying the paperwork could take some time.

Maybe there should be a law that forces them into the State Capitol and locked in until a budget is in place. Wait, that would cost more money.


Dear Lawmakers,

Please get this budget signed, sealed, and delivered.



Tax Payer


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