As October arrives we have officially entered the time of the year to grab a blanket, cuddle up on the couch, and watch a scary movie. And when it comes to scary movies, Illinois is the best place for them, here is why...

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Buzzfeed has a long list called the 50 Best Horror Movies By State, it is a list of the best horror movies set in your state. On the list, Illinois is home to (in my opinion) the best scary movie of all time Halloween, the site says...

"One of the elite horror franchises, the original Halloween is another John Carpenter masterpiece that introduces the world to Michael Myers. The state of Illinois had stiff competition with Candyman and Child's Play also contending for the top spot."

To me, the second part of that paragraph makes Illinois the best state for horror films. Illinois gets Halloween, Child's Play is a top 10 scary movie, and Candyman is up there too.

But that is just what Buzzfeed lists, if you go to Wikipedia you'll find that Silence of the Lambs, The Brain Eaters, Cooties, The Possessed, and Strange Behavior are all set in Illinois too.

To be honest, looking through the list there is some competition for Illinois like California which has Pyscho & Scream, or Ohio because it has Nightmare on Elm Street and Trick R Treat. But Halloween keeps Illinois at the top spot for me, to see the full list for yourself just click here! What is your favorite horror movie?

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