Catfishing is a huge problem across the country and it's an even huger problem in Illinois. 

Have you ever been scammed? You probably have. Maybe you were catfished on a dating app? Or maybe your debit card info was stolen, your computer was hacked... chances are if you're in Illinois something to this effect has happened to you.

A new study shows that Illinois ranks 13th across the country as states that are scammed the most in connection to some sort of romance scam.


No surprise as to what states rank in as number one and two in the list, California is the top state that has lost money to romance scams according to 

California residents lost over $180,000,000 in 2021 with Florida coming in second with a loss of over $70,000,000.

Illinois has had much less money lost to these scams, but still, I wouldn't want to have $19,000,000 missing from my life would you?

The study goes into great detail to explain the five most recent romance scams including 'Money Mules,' and 'CryptoRom.'

We must also watch out for our teens who are being targeted on TikTok and fake Social Media Influencer profiles.

You can, and maybe should... read the entire article but the biggest advice of all is NEVER SEND MONEY. 

Honestly you should never send money to someone you don't know, not even one dollar. You never know what's behind that account or what they maybe be able to do with the information you're sending them... even if it's just a dollar.

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