Illinois is home to this strange but delicious open-faced sandwich.

What Is A Horseshoe Sandwich

A Horseshoe is definitely a unique type of sandwich. Though it can be made with different types of ingredients and ways, there is a basic concept.

According to, 

"The easiest way to describe it is an open-faced sandwich, with some sort of meat, smothered in a potato item and then doused in cheese."

It is often compared to poutine but in my opinion, much better.

Video: The Horseshoe "Sandwich"

 Did You Know The Horseshoe Sandwich Was Invented In Illinois

If you enjoy eating, then you are really lucky to live in Illinois. We definitely live in a "Foodie" state. We have many good places to go for delicious meals. I was recently in Cleveland and it proved to me that we are spoiled by all the tasty restaurants.

According to,

"It was invented at the Leland Hotel in downtown Springfield. It was developed for travelers to eat during long horse and carriage rides."

Remembering My First Horseshoe Sandwich

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