Honestly, I am shaking my head at our government. They're considering an idea to help cover costs of road construction by taxing drivers by the miles they drive!

Wait! What!?

According to this NBC Chicago report, "lawmakers are considering a new plan that would tax motorists for every mile they drive in an effort to boost funds for roadwork."

As Illinois has about $2 billion dollars planned for road construction this season, including $1.2 billion for the Illinois Tollway construction this summer.

The state depends on our tolls and the gas tax to help fund these construction projects. However, with the fuel efficient cars and electric hybrids many are opting for, the state is seeing a decrease in money they gain every time we fill up at the pump.
So their solution is to tax us for every mile we drive to recoup the lost fuel tax money. Hmmm.... I'm not liking this are you?
Here's how they say it could work:"the plan would give drivers the option of putting a device in their car that monitors their miles or they could choose to pay a 1.5-cent-per-mile tax on a base of 30,000 miles traveled per year."

Oh brother! We the citizens of Illinois have had enough of this ridiculousness. That's just my opinion. They are taxing us to death and then they wonder why so many are literally running for the hills to get out of here.
I'm sorry, but I don't support this proposal whatsoever.


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