This might be the first financial good news Illinois has had in a decade. 

We can't balance a budget. Corruption seems to invade every corner or our state's government. Taxes seem to increase every year. But at least we have access to the cheapest beer in the country.

CNBC - When it comes to brews, not all states are created equal. Beer prices are the highest in Alaska, where a 24-pack costs an average of $31.21. Illinois offers the cheapest prices, with an average of just $15.20 per case.

That's right. Just over 15 bucks will get you 24 cans of domestic no-frills beer here in Illinois. Only three other states are selling cases of beer for under $16, New York(!) at $15.48, Rhode Island at $15.98, and South Carolina at $15.32.

While I'm not shocked to see Alaska have an outlying cost of $31.21, the only state to cross the 30 dollar barrier, I am surprised to see the reasonable cost in Hawaii of $22.39.

To be completely honest, none of these numbers really make any sense. Illinois, New York, and California are at the bottom of the list with some of the county's cheapest brews while more rural states like Wyoming, Montana, and Tennesee are some of the most expensive.

My advice is to take advantage of this while you can. Once state leaders find out we're getting something for so cheap, I'm sure we will see in instant increase on the price.

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