A sentimental tree that was a gift to Mary and Mike Biros after a tragedy was unceremoniously chopped down and stolen from their property.

The tree, a 12 foot blue spruce evergreen was given to the Eureka, Illinois couple by their niece, Amy Washko, after their 12-year-old son had died.

The couple speaking to NBC 5 in Chicago said the tree that was stolen on Thanksgiving was "irreplaceable" and "don't want anyone to replace the tree. You can't replace it, it had sentimental value."

Biros posted a picture of the stump on Facebook wishing whomever stole it a Merry Christmas as well as offering a reward for information regarding the tree theft.

The photo has been shared over 25,000 times and garnered over 3,500 Facebook comments from those wishing well to the despondent couple.