Mountain lions are apparently a little attention hungry lately here in Illinois. It was a little over a week ago that a mountain lion was killed by a vehicle in Dekalb County, and now we have the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) getting the word out about another one that's come to visit and check out our state.

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Now where do I go for deep-dish pizza and a horseshoe sandwich? (Getty Images)

Back In November Of Last Year, A Mountain Lion Was Captured By Nebraska's Game And Parks Commission, Fitted With A GPS Collar, And Released

Now, it appears as if that same mountain lion, a Cornhuskers fan, has decided to take the advice of our state's tourism campaign, and is going to enjoy Illinois (now that the Fighting Illini football team is nationally ranked), after being picked up on satellite in western Springfield yesterday afternoon.


IDNR conservation police and local authorities are in the area notifying residents of the animal's presence and answering questions. IDNR wildlife biologists and conservation police are closely monitoring its movements.

Cougars tend to travel large distances, and this one has traveled to Illinois from Nebraska with no reported conflicts with humans, including when it passed through the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska.

It's always good advice to avoid being a troublemaker when visiting new places, and the IDNR has some good advice for Illinois' human population if we should encounter this mountain lion:

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"...wagging his tail behind him" (IDNR, Facebook)

If The Whole "Leave Him Alone" Thing Doesn't Work, What Should You Do If You Meet A Mountain Lion Here In Illinois?

Keep in mind that mountain lions are protected in Illinois, and it is "unlawful to harm, harass or kill them unless they pose an imminent threat to a person or property," which experts say rarely happens.

However, if you do run into a mountain lion and it decides to not immediately flee, it's best to stand tall, wave your arms, throw rocks or other objects, and yell. Experts say it's a really bad idea to run, instead you should slowly back away from the location, while keeping an eye (I would recommend using both) on the animal.

Can you imagine being this guy?

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