Many of the things that we found delayed, extended, or cancelled during the pandemic lockdowns and shutdowns were a real pain for many of us, but not having to take the time to renew our Illinois drivers licenses or Illinois state IDs wasn't one of them.

You may actually find it to be more of an annoyance that our last extension on the renewal of licenses and IDs was exactly that: the last extension.

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What You May Find Really Annoying (especially if this is the first you're hearing of it) Is That You Only Have Until This Thursday, December 1st

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White originally extended the renewal period due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but with the pandemic sticking around, he was forced to add several more extensions. With life back to normal (or close to it) finally, it's time to get yourself up-to-date.

Thursday's deadline applies to driver's licenses, ID cards, and permits, but it does not apply to commercial driver's licenses or CDL learner's permits, according to the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

Illinois Secretary of State, Facebook
Illinois Secretary of State, Facebook

Online Renewals Are Still An Option In Illinois, If You Meet The Requirements

During the pandemic, the Illinois Secretary of State's office expanded online renewals, and they're continuing to mail out letters with a PIN number attached so eligible drivers can do the renewal thing from their phone or computer.

Drivers who are interested should call 217-785-1424 to confirm their eligibility for online renewal or to acquire a PIN number. You can also go to the Secretary of State's website to find your own eligibility status.

Customers visiting a driver services facility to renew their license or ID card can make an appointment at one of the 30 facilities offering appointments, or they can go to a walk-in location. Visit White's website to determine whether your facility requires an appointment. Individuals without internet access may call 844-817-4649 to schedule an appointment.

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