We all know (hopefully) that Illinois is a hands-free state, but I'm also willing to bet there's been a time when we've picked up our phone to quickly answer a text or phone call while driving, even though we know it's a big no-no.

Here's some advice that could save you some cash: Next time you're tempted to pick up that phone while behind the wheel in Illinois, DON'T, because Illinois police officers are out to get you this week.

Last week we told you the Boone County Sheriff's Department was on the lookout for distracted drivers, but now the entire state of Illinois is doing the same. A press release from the State of Illinois says;

As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Illinois Department of Transportation is making $500,000 in federal highway safety dollars available to nearly 100 local law enforcement agencies throughout the state to step up distracted driving enforcement through April 30

Translation: Lots of cops will be on Illinois highways through this weekend, so don't you dare pick up your phone while driving or you will pay. Consider yourself warned. Officially.

Be safe, y'all.

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