Wait a second, there's a company right here in Illinois that will not only let you have the day off on Thanksgiving... but they'll buy you dinner too?

I don't know what it is about Aldi, but it seems like every time you turn around there's a new reason to love them.

In the past, like ten years ago, I didn't have the same excitement for the company. Maybe it's just a fear of change or fear of the unknown but I was intimidated by paying for the carts... maybe it's just something else I can blame my family for in therapy... it was an interesting concept I didn't understand.

Plus I'm a 90s kid, where name brand was the reason why you bought something - for the logo!

These days I'm much smarter and I know that in general, you are paying for that name brand on the outside of the box instead of what's inside. Except for a few things that I will always stand by, I'm all good trying the cheaper version.

Aldi is based right here in Illinois, about 90 minutes from Rockford in Batavia, and they recently shared that they are once again, 'gifting every employee two $30 gift cards to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal from the company.'

First of all, that's awesome.

Second of all, that probably means you can buy Thanksgiving at Aldi for less than 60 bucks. And finally they choose gift cards instead of the actual meal packed up to-go because they want their employees to also have the ability to pay it forward to someone else if that's what they'd like to do.

How awesome is that?

PS: Aldi says you can handle Thanksgiving for $30 in their stores.

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