A couple of months back during the holiday season, I was reading a piece from 5NewsOnline.com that was covering the provisions for liquor sales over the Christmas holiday in the state of Arkansas, and believe me, they've got lots and lots of provisions about purchasing booze in that state.

Many liquor stores in Arkansas closed their doors for 48 hours or more starting on Christmas Eve of last year simply because of the date Christmas fell on:

"As Arkansans know, by law alcohol may not be sold by liquor stores or retailers with an alcohol permit (grocery stores, etc.) on Sundays. In addition, Arkansas is among approximately 24 states that prohibit any alcohol sales on Christmas Day. When it comes to alcohol sales on Christmas Day in Arkansas, there are not any exceptions," Scott Hardin, a spokesperson for the Alcoholic Beverage Control in Arkansas, said.

Hardin said even restaurants and bars are prohibited from serving alcohol on Christmas Day, and a bill filed in 2021 that attempted to reverse the ban didn't make it out of committee.

So, that's Arkansas. But you, as a proud citizen of the state of Illinois, you've got nothing to worry about when it comes to being unable to by beer, wine, or liquor on Christmas or any other day...or do you?

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In Arkansas, 34 Of The 75 Counties In The State Are Dry Counties, Georgia Has 5 Dry Counties, Florida Has 3, Kentucky Has 15, Kansas Has 3, Mississippi Has 12, South Dakota Has 1, Tennessee Has 5 Dry Counties, And Texas Has 5...But How Many Does Illinois Have?

The answer to that would be zip, zero, nada. We don't have any dry counties in the state of Illinois, and you won't find any in Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Missouri because state law in our state and in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri forbids dry counties. Wisconsin state law doesn't even discuss the topic.

Illinois' last dry town, South Holland, stopped being dry when a liquor license was issued to a local restaurant back in 2015.


The last dry town in the state, South Holland issued a license for beer and wine sales to Blueberry Field Pancake House & Restaurant, which will now serve mimosas with their breakfast menu.

While the village is now allowing alcohol in limited portions of town, as long as it's served with food, they have no interest, they said, in ever having liquor stores or saloons in South Holland.

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