According to the National Fire Protection Association, there have been 1,642 house fire related fatalities so far this year--with 86 of them in Illinois.

Personal-security website took a look across the United States to come up with their list of 2018's States With The Most And Fewest Fatal House Fires.

The states with the most fatal house fires per capita in 2018:

1. Texas
2. New York
3. Pennsylvania
4. Illinois
5. California
6. Michigan
7. Ohio
8. North Carolina
9. Florida
10. Georgia

And those states with the fewest:

51. North Dakota
50. Wyoming
49. South Dakota
48. Hawaii
47. New Mexico

  • Texas has the most house fires so far in 2018, with 99. It has also had nine fire fatalities caused by cooking—more than any other state.
  • North Carolina has the most fire fatalities caused by smoking in 2018, with five.
  • Oklahoma has had the most fire fatalities caused by heating in 2018, with four.

ASecureLife then breaks down the top causes of fatal house fires in 2018:

  • Smoking (60 deaths)
  • Cooking (49 deaths)
  • Electrical Malfunction (29 deaths)
  • Heating (23 deaths)
  • Open Flame (14 deaths)
  • Appliances (3)

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