Getting I.D'd is a part of life that I've just come to accept. However, I've been asked for my I.D. multiple times since moving to Illinois. And sometimes, it's for the absolute weirdest reasons.

If you've ever met me, you'd know exactly why I get asked for my I.D. I'm not very large in stature and an adult who looks like a 15-year-old. But I'm just one person, so I asked around about the dumbest things people have been carded for. And the answers will probably make you laugh!

4 of the Dumbest Things People in Illinois Have Been Carded For

For the first three, I'll start with my own experiences...

#1 - Going To A Movie 

Movie Theatre

I've been carded more times than I like to admit at the AMC theatre here in town. BOTH for rated R and PG-13 movies. Honestly, I'm always gonna have it on hand here because of how often it's happened haha. Maybe I'll take it as a confidence boost.

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#2 - Buying Drano

Bottles of Cleaner


For my fellow friends like me who have long hair, a liquid plumber can be a lifesaver. The other day I went to buy some just to have on hand for emergencies, and yup... I got freakin' carded... for DRANO! I had to take some deep breaths because this one annoyed me.

#3- Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Getty Images
Getty Images

OK, to be fair this might be because they're in the alcohol aisle. But I'll occasionally buy non-alcoholic drinks, and yes I've gotten carded for it. Reasonable? I suppose. Annoying? Kind of haha.

#4 To Get Into The Mall

People Visiting the Mall
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I asked one of my coworkers, and apparently, they were carded more than once by the same person for hanging out at Cherry Vale Mall. Getting carded once for that I can see, but twice by the same person? Yikes!

I found a whole thread on Reddit about this topic and laughed for a solid 10 minutes! People mentioned getting carded for scissors, car tires, the video game Guitar Hero and (my personal favorite) GLOWSTICKS! If you've ever been carded for something weird, let me know because it makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not alone in the struggle haha!

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