I personally hate the snow but love the way it brings out the best among neighbors. 

From what I've read, we're as divided as ever as a country. It seems that no one really wants to help out their fellow man if there isn't anything in it for them. All that magically evaporates when there's half a foot of snow on the ground.

I saw it all over my neighborhood as well as other neighborhoods I drove through over the weekend. People helping neighbors, whether they're able-bodied or not, dig the snow out of their sidewalks and driveways. Those with snowblowers, walking the extra 100 feet down the sidewalk and clearing the way so their neighbor, who doesn't have a snowblower won't have to break their back shoveling for at least half an hour.

People were making sure that curb cuts for the sidewalks were cleared going into the street after a snowplow piled up over a foot of snow on their last pass. We all seem to put any differences aside when the snow hits and help out whoever we can.

It's not like that everywhere. I'm usually one of the first to defend Chicago, from some of the (justified) bashing it takes in these parts. But when it comes to snow, it's a whole different mindset in Chicago.

If you haven't heard of the "dibs" system in Chicago, this video should clear it up.

Dibs is not an official system by any means but if you don't obey the dibs system, you could be ostracized immediately.

We have our own issues here in Rockford but at least our streets aren't littered with old patio furniture after every snowstorm.

Keep looking after each other. I'm pretty sure Karma is real, and this is a great way to get a bunch of it.

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