A married couple might try to hide secrets from each other, but apparently nothing can be protected from the long arm of Google.

Time.com reports a man was caught smoking by his wife with the help of Google Street View:

Donald Ryding, 58, from Merseyside, U.K., had told his wife that he kicked the habit after his doctor advised him to improve his lifestyle, including his dietary habits, after he had a heart attack.

His wife, Julie Ryding, thought something was up after he stormed out of the house when she confronted him over a stash of empty cookie wrappers in his car. Hearing that the Street View car had been to her street that week, Julie went online and found an image of him smoking in the drive.

In case you want to see it, the incriminating picture has been replaced by a more up-to-date version. But Mrs. Ryding says she still can find it in the archives.

And she reports that despite the promise Donald still smokes, although he's cut down a bit.

Here's a little more info on how Google makes its maps:

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