Look, you probably don't want to know how close you live to a meth lab, because ignorance is bliss.

On the other hand, it's probably better to find out.

There was a moment where I was typing in the address for 97ZOK in the search bar on Rehabs.com, and I thought "what if I just decided to skip this one" but curiosity ultimately got the best of me.

So after dropping in 3901 Brendenwood Road under the "Do You Live Near A Meth Lab" header, I found out that we are "2.44 miles from a location that has been used as a clandestine laboratory."


What does that mean? After a bit of research I figured it's probably not a "super" meth lab but something else:

The other types of clandestine labs are known as “mom and pop” or “Beavis and Butthead” labs.  These are smaller-scale labs that manufacture only one to four ounces of MA per production cycle.  This amount of drug production is usually just enough for the operators’ and their associates’ use, and for sale to others in order to finance chemicals for their next production cycle.

The search for the meth lab nearest to the radio station also revealed there are nearly 1000 clandestine labs in Illinois.

As surprised as I was to see a number that big, it turns out that Illinois wasn't even in the top 5 states for most meth labs or top 10 for "Most Potent Meth" or "Average Net Grams Seized."


So while meth is definitely an issue across every state in the country, and compared to other states in the Midwest,(Missouri, Iowa, Indiana) Illinois seems to be doing a decent job of keeping meth out.

It's just, 2 and a half miles away, man, that's kinda scary. I wish I wouldn't have known that. Stupid curiosity.

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