Legal marijuana sales in Illinois have been really good since legalization took place in 2020. For example, Illinois hit the $1 billion figure for weed sales in 2024 just a little over a week back on July 1st. That billion-dollar number was reached this year 10 days before it was reached in 2023.

In the first six months of this year, Illinois' 218 currently licensed dispensaries sold over $850 million worth of weed in "adult use" sales, and over $150 million worth in medical sales.

As points out, "Illinois taxes based on the THC percentage, with potent cannabis products getting a higher tax of up to 25%. Sales taxes are also added, meaning the price of a potent product in Chicago gets up to 41.25% higher."

So, with all this money pouring in, let's take a look at what individual cities and towns in Illinois are getting from this tax haul.

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According To State Record-Keepers At The Illinois Cannabis Regulation Oversight Office, The Weed Tax Money Goes To Various Things

Things like more than $244 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales for economic development, violence prevention, and youth development grants for communities in need.

$22 million in forgivable loans have also been forwarded over to social equity craft growers, transporters, and infusers (although I'm not really clear on what they each do).

Unsurprisingly, the majority of marijuana purchases in Illinois are done by residents (81%), rather than out-of-state purchasers (19%). Over 50% of the purchases were for marijuana flower, 32% went toward vapes, and 22% bought edibles.

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Let's Break It Down To Who Got How Much When It Comes To 2024 Weed Tax Revenue And Illinois' Cities And Towns (hat-tip to Illinois Policy for the numbers)

    • Rockford: $235,229
    • Loves Park: $37,023
    • Machesney Park: $36,316
    • Rockton: $12,442
    • Roscoe: $17,379
    • South Beloit: $12,642
    • Byron: $5,988
    • Oregon: $5,703
    • Stillman Valley: $1,701
    • Rochelle: $14,947
    • Dixon: $24,169
    • Peoria: $179,046
    • Chicago: $4,345,834

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