Cicadas show up every 17 years just in time to "ruin" your summer.

Illinois is one of 16 states in America where cicadas are expected to come back.


For me, cicadas are loud, big, and annoying. Other than that, I don't have much beef with them.

‘Zombie Cicadas’ Covered in Mind-Controlling Fungus are Emerging
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I certainly don't have any plans on eating them either, despite all the chatter.


However, there has been some concern from folks wondering if they might be dangerous.

The truth is, cicadas aren't dangerous at all. They don't sting or bite but there's isn't much you can do to get rid of them.

I don't know about you but I was sure surprised when I saw this from Pestworld.

 if you are looking for cicada-relief during an emergence, the best way to avoid contact is to limit time spent outdoors during the daytime hours when they are most active. 

Long story short, there's nothing you can do to combat cicadas. Apparently, if you don't like it, stay indoors.

Photo by Shannon Potter on Unsplash
Photo by Shannon Potter on Unsplash


On the other hand, Pestworld does say those pesky cicadas could be harmful to your plants.

To prevent periodical cicada damage to young trees, cover tree saplings with netting or cheesecloth. 

Last year we were all forced indoors due to COVID, if you're easily annoyed, or very sensitive to sound, it looks like it could be another bummer summer.

Photo by Shannon Potter on Unsplash
Photo by Shannon Potter on Unsplash

Then again, the pandemic is winding down seemingly in the Rockford area, so I don't think cicadas are going to stand in our way from getting out and enjoying the season.

Who knows? Maybe I'll have so much fun outside this summer, I'll get a handful of cicadas and grill 'em up. It might be a good "once every 17 years" treat.

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