Most people like to see their state sitting in the number-one spot for something, but it's generally things like lowest taxes, highest property values, or best standard of living that people want to see their state associated with.

No one is going to feel like bragging to their out-of-state friends and family about our state having the highest heating bills...but that's where we are in Illinois.

We're no longer the state with the most people moving away since California, New York, Texas, and Florida have all topped Illinois' outbound migration numbers, so we'll just have to settle for highest heating bills from coast-to-coast.

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As I Mentioned Earlier, This Really Is A Good News/Bad News Scenario, Since Natural Gas Is Expected To Cost Customers 21% Less Than It Did Last Winter, But Prices Are Still High

The winter of 2023-2024 is also expected to be a milder winter in Illinois (except for the last 10 days, I guess) and around the rest of the country, so the hope is that there will be less demand which will result in lower bills for consumers. Regardless, there are still plenty of states where residents will pay in excess of $100 per month for heat., in a piece called "Where in the US Will Heating Your Home Cost Less This Winter?" took a look at heating bills from coast-to-coast and found that residents of western states are looking at the biggest cost savings over last year, the Midwest has the second biggest cost reductions, followed by the Northeast and then the South.

Funny, but my thermostat doesn't have money on it. (Getty Images)
Funny, but my thermostat doesn't have money on it. (Getty Images)

Here's What You're Looking At, As An Illinois Resident, To Heat Your Home This Winter

According to the study, during the winter of 2022-2023, the average monthly heating bill for Illinois residents was $168. This year, the winter of 2023-2024, factoring in the "price drop" in natural gas, we're looking at $133 per month, on average.

That's the highest in the country.

Things aren't much better in Oklahoma, where their average monthly bill this winter will be $128.

You can read the entire study here.

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