One of the first signs of Spring are ballparks tweeting out what new food they have each year. 

Usually they can be described as adventurous. Something that looks interesting and you might give a whirl after a couple of ballpark beers but you'd probably be happier with a hot dog and some nachos. Sometimes however stadiums take big swings and miss entirely. This is what happened to the White Sox.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Cubs fan and I have set aside any sort of rivalry in ranking these items. I have done NO research and am going solely off the pictures. I am a simple person.

Without further ado let's rank these items from "No Thanks" to "Horrible Idea." In a show of goodwill I will also share what the best item at the park is that no one talks about.

Here We Go:

Sox - Tacos
Chicago White Sox

Tacos Locos - No Thanks

Out of all these "Premium" items this is the one I'd be most likely to get. I have an unhealthy obsession with tacos and can see possibly ordering these out of curiosity. I don't have high hopes for them. There's also something off putting about ordering tilapia in any form at a sporting event. I don't expect to see these back next year.

Sox - Sandwich
Chicago White Sox

Chicken Margarita Sandwich - Why Bother

I will admit that the sun dried tomato focaccia bun looks decent. The rest of the sandwich looks like one of those poorly put together pre-made sandwiches you can get at the gas station. Can't tell if the chicken is grilled or fried but it doesn't make a difference really. If those are the two "optimal" sandwiches they picked for the picture can you imagine the constitution of one you'd get on game day? While the pesto aioli sounds good, the hunk of lonely cheese looks kind of sad. Unless someone else is paying for this and I'm really hungry it's safe to say that this sammie will never touch these lips.

Sox - Kebab

Choco Kebab - Horrible Idea #1

Again I'd like to repeat that I've done no research and am going solely on what the pictures look like, which I think is fair because that's how the common person at the game would decide what to eat. That being said, I don't know what's going on here and it looks like it would be a mess. Here's what I'm speculating. You get a skewer with maybe pound cake and fruit on it and it's dipped in chocolate. I've put a solid 5 minutes into thinking what could be incorporated with whatever you need that peeler for and I have nothing. More chocolate shavings? Seems redundant. Cheese seems out of place. I'm stumped. If you have an idea, share it in the comments.

Now onto how this would taste. It probably would taste pretty good. Who doesn't like chocolate, cake, fruit, and whatever that shaver is for? My problem is that a baseball game is not the place for this. Ever try to eat a dipped cone on a hot day? Disaster! Last thing I need is little Timmy running around with hands ready to finger-paint a chocolate surprise on every surface he touches. Out of all these new items, this one looks the best but just doesn't need to be at the ballpark. Eat a malt cup with a wooden spoon like a normal person.

Sox - Salad

Latin Vegetable Salad - Horrible Idea #2 (and possibly the worst concession food I've seen)

I'm going to let that picture speak for itself. I'd say that this is the White Sox offering a "healthy" alternative to a hot dog but something tells me that the Cilantro Lime Dressing has more calories than the Choco Kebab. Folks we're at a baseball game, not Panera's. I'd be surprised if they sell more than 100 of these in the 81 home games this season. BIG swing and a miss right there.

And just to show you I'm not just anti-vegetable at the game here's the best kept secret food at a White Sox game.

Elotes. A.K.A. Mexican Corn. A.K.A. The reason to go to a White Sox game. If you haven't had these book your trip right now. This delicacy can be found behind home plate and in the outfield. The guy strips a corncob right into the bowl then tops it with cheese, crema, cayenne pepper, mayo and lime juice. It's literally the best thing I've ever had at a game.

There's some of your food offerings at [looks up name of the park] Guaranteed Rate Field this year. Just like the team on the field. Better luck next year guys.



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